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Why Companies that Invest in 3D & AR will win SEO

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In 2019, Google integrated 3D and AR images in mobile search. As Google continues to test and invest in 3D Search, Epigraph is looking at how this new technology will impact SEO and how users search on mobile devices.



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Average time spent in AR



Reduction in Returns

3 Ways 3D + AR Will Impact Search Rankings

  1. Google is giving AR + 3D objects more real-estate in search results. So you can capture new customers just in search results.
  2. Potential customers can deploy AR from search results vs. clicking through to a PDP, increasing product engagement rates
  3. This 3D Data is likely to cause higher rankings in search results, allowing you to dominate specific keywords.

We’ve found Epigraph's Augmented Reality and Interactive Platform to be perfect engagement tools for our products – to the point that we’re now adding their content to every retail channel possible.

Stephen Glaesman, Director of Marketing, Chervon

3D & AR’s influence on search rankings is likely to be significant as Google and e-commerce platforms continue to invest in that technology. Book a demo or visit our website to learn more about how Epigraph can help your PDPs convert at a higher rate.