3 Ways Augmented Reality Is Changing Retail

You may have seen kids using it on an app or watched a Sci-Fi movie and thought Augmented Reality was something futuristic, well beyond your realm of expertise, something only Tech Experts or Gen-Zers can use. But the truth is AR is a practical yet unique tool you can use in retail to help grow your business. Augmented reality technology is one of the most groundbreaking innovations in tech, and really it has only just begun. From augmented reality apps and augmented reality games, businesses in all different industries are figuring out how to make an impact with brand new technology.

For those in retail who wonder “How can I use AR?” or even “What is augmented reality?” Epigraph is here to help. In addition to offering augmented reality solutions and services, we have also compiled a list of some of the ways retail companies are implementing AR to help grow their customer base and sell products.

Try It Before You Buy It

Now more than ever, online shopping is crucial to the success of your retail business. Unfortunately, you may be losing sales on customers who prefer to “see” the product in person before buying. AR can help fill that gap.

AR technology has developed so far that now, consumers can preview everything from clothes and makeup products to furniture. For example, customers scan their room and place furniture, like a new couch or table, into their room to preview how it would look. Additionally, customers looking for new makeup can scan their face, apply the products, and see how they would look; a 21st century spin on the make-up counter! Not only does this help customers get the interaction with your product, but it takes away the fear and stress that comes with blind buying.

Its a Brand New Way To Brand

As you well know, the product is only half the battle. You can have a great product, but without the right branding and marketing, it will be difficult. You cant sell your product if nobody knows about it. Augmented reality is a powerful tool in marketing and branding. In addition to unique, more interactive advertisement possibilities, it can also add a “cool” factor to your product, getting customers excited about your product, more likely to interact with your product, and thus, more likely to buy your product. Let’s not forget word of mouth! A new school twist on an old-school marketing pillar, people are likely to tell friends and family about the unique experience, growing your customer base even further.

Some (Augmented) Assembly Required

Depending on what your product is, no matter how digital things get, there will always be an important physical aspect; think of all those customers flipping through instruction booklets trying to assemble a desk or toy. If your product has “some assembly required” augmented reality could be for you. Many companies--including car manufactures-- are pivoting to AR instructional booklets to help customers better understand products, assemble them, and not only identify issues, but solve them as well. Helping customers without hands-on assistance or a vague instruction booklet contributes to their overall satisfaction and requires less customer service (returns, assistance, etc) from you, giving you more time on top of happier customers.

These are just a few ways in which Augmented Reality is changing how retail business is done, but since this technology is so new and cutting edge, it is always changing. One thing remains the same, however, AR tech is the future of retail. If you need help upgrading your business, contact us to find out how our augmented reality services can take your business into the future.

Caleb Dermyer
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