5 Ways to Increase AR Usage on Your E-Commerce Platform

Do your users know about your site’s new augmented reality functionality?

You’ve made the investment, updated your website with 3D content and QR codes. Now what?

AR users convert 300%-500% higher than non-AR users, but expecting your users to suddenly engage with your new feature will likely not lead to much success. Instead of expecting your website visitors to stumble on the Augmented Reality button (and know how to use it!), tell them where to go and how to properly deploy the AR feature. 

This doesn’t have to get complicated. We’ve gathered up some tips so you can make the most out of your investment.

Here are 5 tips to increase your augmented reality engagement:

1. Make the AR icon/button pop

Don’t assume your website visitors will know where your new AR button is located. This is especially true of your returning users, who are likely to take the same path on a webpage that they always do. Make sure the investment you made is easily discoverable for the average website visitor. 

2. Give your users instructions

You added a new feature to your website, you should update your users! How-To guides come with many of your products, so it’s important to repeat this practice here. Instructions on how to use AR should be easily available on your PDP page.

3. Make It Searchable

Adding a searchable “Augmented Reality” tag on your e-commerce platform is a low-maintenance upgrade that prioritizes the users’ experience. Your website visitors can now easily search and view products in their own space with this simple hack. You can even use this tag to track AR engagement and to link to special AR promos and emails. 

4. Spread the Word

Let your social media followers, newsletter subscribers, blog readers and more that Augmented Reality is an investment that will benefit them too. Showing the value of AR and letting your customers know that it’s now available will up the excitement and the usage of your e-commerce’s Augmented Reality feature. 

5. Go Above and Beyond

Make your website visitors say “wow!” with truly unique and informative content. This is not only a way to stand out amongst your competitors, it’s also likely to get you more repeat, engaged website visitors.

Make the most out of your investment and push more products by making these changes to your PDP pages. These upgrades are valuable for your online users and will lead to happier customers and more sales!

Interested in trying out Augmented Reality for yourself? Book a demo here.

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