Web-Based Augmented Reality

In 2022, there will be an estimated 1.1 billion mobile AR users worldwide.

Web-based Augmented reality is at the cutting edge of business, forever changing how businesses interact with customers, how customers interact with products, and just about everything in between. Unfortunately for the average business owner, this kind of technology can seem daunting and inaccessible.

However, there is a viable solution for companies that do not have the means, budget, or, simply the need to develop an entire app just to incorporate AR into business; web-based augmented reality.

Web-based augmented reality (or web AR) is the perfect way to balance adopting new, cutting-edge technology with safe and sound practices that don't cost you valuable time, money, and energy. 

To help you better understand this new technology, and identify which web-based AR solution is right for you, Epigraph is here to give you a brief window into the world of web-based AR. 

What is Web-Based AR?

Web AR is a shorter term for web-based augmented reality. A web-based framework allows the developers to build AR using various JavaScript libraries. This essentially means that the augmented reality content is accessible through a web browser (such as Chrome or Firefox) as opposed to an app. It really is that simple!

Web-Based AR Examples

Discussing web AR can be complicated and confusing. To help you better understand just what web AR is and the different ways it can be used, here are a few examples of the ways businesses are incorporating it into their plans:

1. “Live” Events

COVID has forever changed the landscape of holding events. Where you could once throw an event to get customers in your doors, putting them face-to-face with your product or giving them a unique experience, unfortunately, you are now limited in that regard. Web AR can be a perfect substitution. With this technology, you can host an interactive virtual event where customers can join through a web browser and attend. Not only is it a COVID-friendly alternative but is an exciting adventure for your potential customers!

2. “Business Cards”

Think about attending a conference or simply meeting a new client or partner; how many times have you been handed a business card, only to let it sit in your wallet or on a nightstand collecting dust. With Web AR you can create a virtual or 3-dimensional business card that displays all your information when scanned and helps you stand out in a crowd. After all, would forget about a business card that seems straight from a Sci-Fi movie?!

3. Virtual try it on for size

One ingenious way retail companies have incorporated AR tech is with a “virtual mirror.” Customers can scan their faces, access the store, and try on different products to see how they would look. This is a great way to increase sales, as it gives customers an exciting unforgettable experience. Web-based augmented reality is changing the world of retail, in many opinions, for the better.

What Are The Benefits

All of this sounds new and exciting, but of course, there is a practical aspect you must consider. You may be wondering how exactly pivoting to web-based AR can help you. There are countless benefits to the technology, and it is highly depending on your industry, however, regardless of what kind of business you are in, this tech can help in 3 big ways.  

1. Data

A special benefit of AR technology is the insight it gives you into your customer base. Much like website data, web-based AR incorporates analytics, so that you can get a better idea of the people who are interested in your company.  

2. Branding

Getting customers invested in your product is just as important as your product itself. Web-Based AR, like the virtual events discussed above, can be a great way to make your company stand out above the rest, appear forward-thinking and professional, and garner some serious excitement.

3. Practicality

As touched on above, as a business owner, you must think practically. Spending money on developing an app may be completely outside your budget and expertise. Web-based AR is a much more practical alternative and a great way to balance new and safe, because it is so much easier to navigate without needed a computer science degree!

To learn more from the experts at Epigraph, check out our augmented reality page here or contact our team.

Jasper Mullarney
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