Pipeline TD

Kansas City-MO

Our mission is to create photo-realistic 3D content at scale used by clients that have a diverse set of needs.

As a Pipeline TD, you will be part of a team that is directly responsible for developing the studio pipeline, maintaining software tools, supporting artists workflows, troubleshooting development issues, and collaborating with other departments.

This is a unique opportunity to join an experienced team at an early stage, to evaluate and test new technologies around AR and product visualization, and their impact on the way people, build, learn and experience new products.
Helpful but not required:
Epigraph is a Visualization Technology company based in Kansas City, MO. This position is Full-time, in-house or remotely and is considered mid-level, with room for growth and development as the role expands.
All qualified candidates are required to answer a variety of programming related questions during the interview process.
We offer competitive compensation, genuine culture and creative opportunity.
No need to be formal. Just send us your links and we'll be in touch.
No need to be formal. Just send us your links and we'll be in touch.
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