3Day Blinds is a direct to consumer manufacturer of various styles of window treatments. Founded in 1978, their unique “we bring the showroom to you” model eliminates the need for retail space, allowing consumers to customize their purchase in their own homes. Over the years, 3Day’s catalog has grown tremendously, to the point where consumers can choose from over 10,000 unique combinations of products, styles and fabrics. This depth provides a competitive advantage, especially in the age of sites like Houzz and Pinterest that give consumers a much broader range of inspirations to choose from when compared to the print media that preceded them.

A Versatile, Adaptable Virtual Catalog

The problem: Although having such a large number of options is tremendous for consumers, it presents a real challenge to 3Day’s marketing team. Visual collateral is essential to the sales process, but photographing a catalog this large creates a logistical nightmare: To customize, ship, install and photograph even 1% of the available options would incur thousands in costs and take weeks, while also generating a fair amount of waste. At the same time, constant shifts in design trends force 3Day to constantly add new products to remain relevant and competitive. Fully capturing the variety and quality of product 3Day provides would require an almost constant, on-demand photo studio.

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Photo Realistic In-Context Imagery

The solution: Ideally, 3Day would have images of every product, in context, incorporating relevant design styles, but would be impossible with traditional photography. Epigraph’s platform solves this problem by providing infinitely versatile scenes for 3Day’s products, allowing high resolution imagery to be generated for every product. In addition to adapting any element of the scene itself, Epigraph can also adjust lighting and customize decor and view, allowing incorporation of complementary products and seasonal themes, among other things. 3Day can now create imagery and animations in any product combination, without ever booking a space or touching a camera! This approach is also an investment in future proofing 3Day’s catalog: Epigraph’s technology can generate configuration tools, augmented reality and even virtual reality using the same assets, reducing the cost of future investments in 3D.


90% Cost Reduction   100% Catalog Coverage

Results: Using Epigraph’s technology, 3Day has on-demand access to in-context lifestyle photography for their entire catalog, at a fraction of the cost of traditional photography. Images can be custom tailored and produced in as little as 3 business days, mirroring the pace of 3Day’s dynamic approach to market.

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