How It Works

At Epigraph, we're reinventing product visualization 10,000 SKUs at a time. From a single file, Epigraph creates, manages and scales beautiful product imagery –– all without ever touching one of your products.

Our Process

Epigraph generates high quality visual content using a combination of computer-generated image (CGI) and machine learning technology.

The Epigraph platform can ingest a variety of data types;

Key platform Benefits

  • We use automation technology to create photorealistic 3D models of your products. Our Platform enables your brand by creating 360 viewers and online configurators.
  • We provide the most photorealistic AR on the market equipped with cloud CMS/CDN for maximum on-device performance on iOS & Android while boasting of 3x-5x conversion rate lift for AR users
  • We’re flexible providing image, HTML5, & MPEG formats for your 3D collateral. Boasting of a rapid creation process (48hr turnaround) all with high performance cloud CMS/CDN implementation