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Whether you’re selling furniture, mowers, stereo equipment or anything else in between, Epigraph’s e-commerce platform works for a wide range of industries.

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The Input

From a single file, Epigraph’s proprietary algorithms and automations turn your product rendering into immersive, 3D content.

3D CAD Files (most formats)
Dimensional Data
Detailed Reference Imagery


The Output

With proprietary algorithms, programming and automations, Epigraph is committed to delivering top-quality  visual fidelity at scale, saving you time and money in the process.

Augmented Reality
3D Configurators
Customer Insights
Product Tours
Virtual Showrooms
Product Viewers

3D Configurators

We’re flexible providing image, HTML5, & MPEG formats for your 3D collateral. Boasting of a rapid creation process (48hr turnaround) all with high performance cloud CMS/CDN.implementation.

Augmented Reality

We provide the most photo-realistic AR on the market equipped with cloud CMS/CDN for maximum on-device performance on iOS & Android while boasting of 3x-5x Conversion rate lift for AR users.

Interactive Product Tours

Our high-quality, interactive product tours give your customers a comprehensive look at your product before they hit "buy".

Insights & performance

We measure the impact of 3D and AR on your PDPs and get key insights to drive marketing and other campaign strategies.

Measure your engagement and conversion rates to improve your product pages’ performance with our ROI Accelerator Program.




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3D search & SEO

Google and other search engines are optimizing web pages that have interactive 3D content. This makes augmented reality, product tours and other types of enhanced content the new frontier and future of SEO. We give you a competition advantage by implementing AR & 3D on your PDPs.

3 Ways 3D Search + AR Will Impact SEO


Brands with indexed 3D content will rank higher and have more visibility.


Consumers will have a new, highly engaging way to interact with products before they click.


Brands that adopt 3D search early will create an emotional connection with users much higher in the funnel, improving conversion rates and lowering CAC.

Epigraph's augmented reality is better than anything else on the market for our customer and user base. It really delivers on what our customers desire: having fun and exploring the brand in a new way while increasing AOV as they discover other products.

Jessica Prost

Digital Design Lead, Floyd

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