Proof of Concept

Epigraph will develop 3D Solutions for 50 products, including all size and finish variations.

We will create and deploy Configurators for any product with many finish options or customizable shape configurations.

3D Viewers are perfect for products with just a few variations. Epigraph’s View In Your Space® augmented reality, available from both experiences, enables room planning, additional engagement, psychological ownership.

We will focus on solutions for products in the dining and upholstered seating categories. Sectional sofas and bedframes are perfect applications for a 3D Configurator.


50 Products
Dynamic 3D Experiences
Interactive and customizable
Industry standard adaptable file formats for future use
3D Assets consistent with Khronos standards, for future adaptability

Customization Capabilities
Interactively change any finish
Drape and tile all fabrics
Dynamically change sizes
Combine and configure modular products


Build a foundation for advanced visual technologies for Arhaus, poised for efficiency at scale

Combine realistic representations of Arhaus craftsmanship with powerful, dynamic customization and configuration tools

Deliver a full-service, concierge experience for the Arhaus team, minimizing internal resources required and maximizing scalability

Provide enhanced analytics to quantify incrementalperformance and return on investment

Discovery & Scope

Discovery Phase
• 2 hours of meetings with key stakeholders
• 2 week sprint to define formal proposal
• No cost to Arhaus

The discovery phase will clarify the scope of work, determine setup and implementation needs, and identify which products to include in the Proof of Concept.The two week sprint will end with a formal proposal and kickoff.

Proof of Concept
• In-Person kickoff meeting at Arhaus HQ
• 2 week sprint to define formal proposal

• Estimated: $36,000 - $55,000

Timeline for Go Live: Approximately 8 weeks



POC Asset Creation
Staging & Go Live


The discovery phase will determine the partnership roadmap and define KPIs for the project, while serving to align Arhaus and Epigraph around a decision framework for 3D innovations and adoption moving forward
3D Assets will be created to Arhaus brand standards. Assets will be created in formats that support adaptability as defined in discovery phase.
Epigraph will provide documentation & support to Arhaus technology team throughout the implementation process, providing resources as necessary to test, go-live and measure success via analytics
Staging & user testing to take place in a secure environment, prior to Go Live (date TBD)

As fast as

2 weeks
6 weeks
6 weeks
8 weeks

A Foundation for advanced VISUAL TECHNOLOGIES

"Epigraph's configurators have transformed how UHURU customers engage with the brand. The visual fidelity they've been able to deliver is far and above the best we've seen. We'll continue to evolve our content around their innovations and the value that they deliver"
David Dupon
President & CEO