customer journey

Google 3D Search

Google has begun promoting the use of 3D across search. This is done via Google Merchant Center using GLBs from qualified vendors such as Epigraph.

Surfacing this type of 3D content in Google's search engine will provide Arhaus with a valuable differentiator and place it at the forefront Google's decade-spanning enhanced content strategy.

• 44% lift in clicks on search for 3D content
• 1-minute AVG session duration on search when there are 3D viewers
• Good clicks* are up 7.5% on the PDP search page

*Google's definition of "good click" is a click leading to a session lasting more than 30 seconds

Catalog Browsing

After seeing the conversion lift associated with 3D experiences, Amazon introduced the functionality at the browsing stage.

We recommend a similar approach for the Arhaus customer journey by introducing a button at the lower left corner of the product thumbnails.

When clicked, the customer is sent directly to the Configurator, Customizer or 3D Viewer of that product.

3D on abandoned cart emails

The URL-based Save & Load feature gives Arhaus the ability to inject even more personalization into a user's journey.

Email follow-ups can include a link back to their own configuration, right where they left off.


Our Share button is your new secret weapon.
Engagement from share averages a whopping 45%.