Project Summary

With Epigraph as a partner, Arhaus will benefit from our ability to create dynamic images and 3D modeling with superior quality and realism, powered by real-time, interactive, configurable solutions.

Our Configurators, 3D Viewers, and View in Your Space® augmented reality are flexible, responsive, and future proof. Each of these unique, high-impact product experiences draw from the same high-quality 3D assets, ensuring a single source.
Epigraph’s 3D Configurator supports countless variations, all while ensuring that digital representations of tiles and draping remain accurate when selecting fabrics in real time.

On the back end, our data integrations provide powerful Configure-Price-Quote features, with APIs to support PIM, DAM & ERP integrations. Security & on-device performance are delivered via a best-in-class cloud technology stack, powered by AWS and Cloudflare CDN.

Configurator Showcase


Benefits of Real-time Innovation
In this product example, 5 models with six fabrics adds up to 30 SKUs. In our system the experience is an assembly of 11 assets, whereas an image based configurator would require 2,160 assets to deliver the same experience.

Which would you rather manage, review and QA?

With real-time visual fidelity now matching that of rendered images, Epigraph’s advanced visual technology delivers time-saving, cost-effective efficiencies without compromising quality or performance.


Epigraph will elevate Arhaus’ brand presentation by dynamically showcasing products in 3D, driving increased engagement & conversion rate.