Drive Customer Engagement with augmented reality

The ultimate solution to buyer confidence – AR increases product conversion by up to 539%. Let users experience your product real-time in their own space without ever leaving your website.

conversion rate increase by


returns decreased by


time on site increase by


Higher Sales, Lower Returns, Happier Customers

Augmented Reality (AR) allows your customers to deploy photo-realistic 3D product experiences directly into their own surroundings. Our web-based AR solution lets online shoppers interact and engage with a product, giving your customers that same “try-before-you-buy” in-store experience.

No app download necessary, only a simple web link.

Augmented reality, the future of e-commerce

Test Epigraph's Web-Based 3D & Augmented Reality

With our platform your customers can easily interact with your products in their own space, without ever leaving your site – proving to be an extremely effective and intuitive tool that ensures buyer confidence.

Try yourself: Interact with the 3D product by clicking and dragging then bring the product into your world by clicking the AR icon and following the prompts.

Ready to test your own product in 3D & AR? Schedule a personalized one-on-one video call below to get started.

Drive More E-commerce Sales

E-commerce sales have increased 30% since 2019. Now, traditional retail stores are looking towards augmented reality as a new way to connect with their online customers in meaningful, personalized ways.

The Impact Of Augmented Reality On Retail
• 40% would be willing to pay more for a product if they could experience it in AR
• 71% of shoppers would stop at a retailer more often if they offered AR
• 61% of online shoppers prefer to purchase at websites that offer AR over ones that don’t

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