The Virtual Showroom Boom in a New Retail Reality

AR Based Online Shopping Experience

The Challenge

E-commerce sales have increased 30% since 2019. So, how can traditional retail stores continue to connect with their customers in meaningful, personalized ways? While online shoppers will continue to make web-based purchases, they still want to experience the same in-store emotional connection to products.

Our Approach

COVID-19 has forced traditional retail brands to find new ways to reach and engage with their customers. Epigraph’s web-based AR tool brings your products to life, allowing potential customers to interact with your products online in a focused, sustained manner. AR gives your customers that in-store, emotional feeling, improving overall sales while reducing return rates.

Blu Dot

Home decor company with an emphasis on modern, timeless and durable furniture.


Home Decor & Furniture

Packages Provided

  • 360° Virtual Product Photography
  • Augmented Reality Modelling
  • Virtual Showroom

Let’s See The Numbers

We believe in results and numbers and the shopping experience ensured those were in a good spot.



Rise In Add To Cart Events (New Customers)



Rise In Add To Cart Events (Returning Customers)


AR allows your customers to virtually interact with an item by trying it on or seeing it in their space before making a purchase. This improves overall customer satisfaction leading to more confident online purchases and fewer returns.

AR enriches the relationship between the consumer and the product and evokes an emotional attachment. 63% of online
shoppers say AR will improve their web-based shopping experience.

The AR market is projected to be worth over $18 billion in 2023. And 67% of media planners and buyers are already looking towards AR ads in future digital marketing campaigns.

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