E-Commerce Success Story: Floyd

Augmented Reality & On-White Photography for Full Catalog Coverage

The Impact

Floyd used Epigraph's Enterprise Package with a Customized Augmented Reality feature to conduct an A:B test, showing half of site visitors the “View In Your Space” button. Users who interacted with AR spent an average of 3.5 extra minutes engaging with products and were 62% more likely to add items to their cart.

“These tools are not only highly valuable to our customers, they’re fun,” said Prost. “Which, for our brand, is really important, especially on mobile.”



Lift In Conversion Rate  



Increase in Mobile Revenue Per Session


Founded in 2014, Floyd is a leading brand in the modern and contemporary furniture industry. Floyd designs and manufactures products made to be useful, affordable, and desirable. The company was conceived after the founders went looking for modern designs when furnishing their first homes but weren’t able to find pieces they liked at a price they could afford.

Since inception, the company has grown to over 9 figures in revenue, serving both the commercial and residential markets. Even at scale, the company still designs and prototypes everything in-house, giving them a unique, cutting edge aesthetic. The company operates a few retail stores but the vast majority of sales are driven by e-commerce.

The Challenge

The company’s catalog spans hundreds of different styles, many available in multiple colors, textures and finishes. This diverse selection of vibrant colors and textures is fantastic for consumers, but creates a challenge for photography: studio lighting that works well on one shade may alter the hue of another.

“We have a lot of beautiful, aspirational lifestyle imagery. But one issue is, when you’re shopping on our website, we weren’t serving up the exact variant in those beautiful lifestyle photographs,” said Digital Design Lead Jessica Prost.

An additional challenge is space planning. Many online customers struggle with translating online product details and visualizing that product in their own space.

“Customer insights told us that people really like seeing an item in their own space, whether it’s just against a wall color or a rug,” said Prost.

If an item doesn’t look or fit the way a consumer expects it to, the company is left with a disappointed customer and an expensive, intensive return process.

“For us, it was really important to give people the opportunity to see something in their space alongside their other furniture. We don't want them to return something because it didn’t fit the right way or look good in the room,” said Prost. “ We want them to be as armed and educated as possible going into the buying process.”

Our Solution

Floyd implemented Epigraph’s augmented reality and a 3D configurator solution to allow site visitors to view photo-realistic 3D furniture “in their space” and to view different furniture variants (like texture and color) in real-time.

“We have highly complex products, so there were no off-the-shelf solutions that worked for us. So being able to partner with you guys and leverage your rendering capabilities was really nice,” said Prost

Epigraph’s augmented reality solution deploys straight from Floyd’s website, avoiding the need for a mobile app, which both increases engagement and avoids the cost associated with app development. The customized 3D configurator acts as enhanced content on the specific products’ PDP pages and works in real-time as users browse through various merchandise.  

“Our augmented reality is better than anything else on the market for our customer and user base. It really delivers on what our customers desire: having fun and exploring the brand in a new way while increasing AOV as they discover other products,” said Prost.


For 8 years Floyd has been designing and manufacturing furniture made for keeping. Applying a practice design strategy to every piece, the furniture is simple to assemble, easy to move, fast shipping to your door. A timeless solution to a modern lifestyle.



Platform Package

  • Enterprise package, including custom integration on Shopify and on-white photography for full catalog coverage

Try Floyd's AR Experience

Test out Floyd’s Augmented Reality experience! Using your smartphone's camera, scan the QR code and follow the prompts to launch the AR experience.

We didn’t even know that you guys have these capabilities, they were like ‘oh, we do that!’ it’s been a cool partnership to explore this together.

Now customers can really know what they’re buying
Jessica Prost, Digital Design Lead, Floyd

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